Currently the annual homeowners' association fee is set at $20. The SCHOA fiscal year runs from April to April. Fees will be determined in January. Each owner of a half-duplex pays 50% of the fee. Condo-associations pay a single fee for the lot. If fees are paid late, 12% interest p.a. will be added. See the bylaws for consequences of delinquent payment. Fees are used to pay for landscaping, insurance, postage, office supplies, legal fees and other expenses. We disclose past years financial information at the annual meeting.

Other HOA charge over $100. We have made much effort to keep the fees as low as possible. Besides cost reductions, we enforce payment very strictly in order to keep it fair for everyone. The fees are intractable in court and we had to employ the court system in the past.

It is the property owner's duty to update AccessDane data of their contact information. If you move (and rent the property to someone else for example) you will need to update the county database and/or have USPS forward your mail. We are not able to use separate contact addresses and solely use the official AccessDane information to send out letters to property owners.

Make checks payable to "Swan Creek HOA". Please write the address and the lot number on the check.

Please send documents and all checks to:
Swan Creek HOA 2935
S Fish Hatchery Rd. #422
Fitchburg, WI 53711