Some Simple Landscaping Rules

Talk to your neighbors BEFORE starting any landscaping projects. This can avoid misunderstandings about your project and you know about your neighbor's future plans and can coordinate with them to create an overall nice landscape.

While planning, also consider that plants grow - so allow enough spacing to avoid a jungle when the plants are mature. If possible, chose dwarf versions of trees (you will be responsible for trimming that 50' tree later!), use native plants and chose the right location (shade, full sun, etc.) for each plant type. Call Digger's Hotline to mark utility lines. Stay off easements if possible. Easements can be occupied by utility work at any time and your expensive patio might be gone at your expense!

The best way to fight dandelions is to use fertilizer with corn-gluten. It really works and that without chemicals. Best to apply right after winter.

Covenants require that landscaping is to "enhance the ambience of each lot". While this can be subjective and a variety of ideas is encouraged, we do require that landscaping is maintained and not in disorderly condition. We often receive complaints from neighbors not liking some specific design. This can be avoided by talking to them

You should use the City of Fitchburg ordinances as a guideline. If any violation is observed, please contact the City. The Home Owners Association does not have authority to enforce City ordinances. Here we QUOTE some paragraphs from the ordinances and you should verify their context and accuracy with the City:

"4.11 (1): All improved lots subject to this Subchapter located in the urban service area shall be maintained free from plant growth in excess of eight (8) inches. All noxious weeds shall be cut. Plant growth shall be defined as all grasses, annual plant and vegetation other than trees and shrubs, provided, however, that this shall not include cultivated flower or vegetable gardens, prairie grasses, or native landscapes."

"4.11 (3): Native Landscape. Any owner or operator of land in the City of Fitchburg may apply for approval of a land management plan for a “Native Landscape”, one where the grasses exceed eight (8) inches in height, with the Building Inspector......"

"4.11 (6): Landscaping, planting and other decorative surface treatments, including common species of grass, shall be installed if necessary and maintained to present an attractive appearance in all court and yard areas. Planting shall be maintained so as not to present hazards to adjoining properties or to persons or vehicles traveling on public ways and shall be maintained so as to enhance the appearance and value of the property on which located and thereby the appearance and value of the neighborhood and city. Trees and shrubs over sidewalks less than seven (7) feet and on street right-of-way less than twelve (12) feet shall be cut."