About Us

The association takes care of landscaping (the neighborhood sign areas and some traffic islands), enforcement of the covenants and bylaws and all other things that are necessary to keep our neighborhood nice.

If you live in a condo you are a member in your respective Condo association. This is different from our Home Owners Association. Your condo Association itself may be a member in our Home Owners Association.

Board members volunteer their time to serve the association and are elected annually by the association members (one vote per lot, half vote per duplex unit, one vote per condo association lot).

Board meetings are held as needed; to inquire about an upcoming board meeting please email us at info@swancreek.us. All members are invited to attend the meetings, especially if you want to get involved in the administration of the association.

The HOA is not affiliated with garage sales, parties and other activities. Among other reasons State law prohibits to spend membership dues on such activities, and the insurance carrier forbids any such involvement.

The board of directors who volunteer their time to serve our neighborhood:

There are covenants and bylaws that impact construction and other activities. If you are uncertain on interpretation of the rules, please contact us.

The covenants and original bylaws were written by the developer and are to be disclosed by the current owner of the lot to the buyer prior closing. Covenants can be amended by 60% of the eligible votes (not 60% of votes casted, 60% of total votes; 1 lot = 1 vote).

Any time you feel a neighbor is breaking a rule, please contact the neighbor in question before contacting us.

Highlights of the covenants include architectural rules including building material and dwelling size requirements, prohibition of fences. Decisions on architectural features will be made by the architectural review committee, which is staffed by the developer. If you want to build and are not sure if it violates the covenants, please email us or contact the Developer Randy Christianson.

Contact us: info@swancreek.us